2019-01-09 NewBridgeStrategy Mood Board_FINAL.jpg

New Bridge Strategy is a new Denver-based research company created by Lori Weigel. Opinion research is the foundation of her work – conducting both qualitative & quantitative surveys for clients spanning many interests and industries.

We started her project off with a mood board and palette. We communicated by phone, discussing colors that resonate with her and visuals that connect with her mission for her business.

I designed several bridge themed logos, each with a different application. Lori resonated towards the more contemporary design of a simplified bridge including her business name. We tweaked it slightly and agreed that it suited her and the business she was creating.

The color palette selection started with Lori’s choice of magenta — we brightened it up a bit to offer a wow factor (deep cerise). I chose a cool calming color, blumine, to balance the main color cerise and offer a corporate counter-color. Shades of blumine and grey provide a neutral balance.

Once we accomplished her branding, we were ready to embark on her website. Lori sent me examples of websites that she was visually attracted to and ones she wasn’t. She wanted a clean professional yet approachable site. Bridging divides was the visual message she wanted to convey — so we incorporated imagery that also echoes her logo and mission. We streamlined Lori's content to offer ease of navigation.

Working with Lori has been an absolute pleasure.

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