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Nadine Sage
Graphic Designer

Over decades of running my own businesses, I have run into countless women (and men) who have everything it takes to have a successful business — unfortunately their business falls short due to a business presence that doesn’t reflect who they are or what they are about. My goal is to help these beautiful and talented people get ahead in this world and succeed.

Dedicated to exceptional creative work, I strive for high service standards in everything I do. I guide in-print and digital projects from beginning to end, overseeing design innovation and execution to ensure it solves the defined business problem through creative excellence.

Together, I enjoy helping my clients build brands, create and develop identity systems that stand out and thrive in this visually overloaded world we live in.

I have worked with a large variety of businesses, both large and small, from federal government campaigns and universities to restaurants and retail establishments.

A percentage of new Atelier Sage design projects is donated to the Women’s Resource Agency (Women and teen girls find the support, training and resources they need to seek employment and to become economically self-sufficient.)



Name: Lola Fizzolli
DOB: December 2, 2008
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Job Title: Customer Relations
Ethnicity: Newfoundland (Lanseer and Black)
Likes: Walks, cool nights, and lounging in the studio
Dislikes: Getting groomed

Name: Miss Frances Leroux
DOB: January 15, 2011
Star Sign: Aquarius
Job Title: Public Affairs
Ethnicity: French Bulldog
Likes: Watching TV
Dislikes: Coyotes and bobcats

Name: Lady Bird {Birdie}
DOB: April 1, 2016
Star sign: Aries
Job Title: Receptionist
Ethnicity: French Bulldog
Likes: Hopping, leaping & jumping.
Dislikes: Having Frances tell her “what for”